A word of thanks(vol24) | 福島県避難者生活支援・相談センター はあとふる・ふくしま

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A word of thanks(vol24)


One year has passed since the disaster, and this magazine “Fukushima Disaster Volunteer Center magazine Heartful Fukushima (supplement issue)” has come to its final issue.

Looking back over the one year from the first issue, the content of volunteer activities has changed from disaster relief, such as shelter assistance, removing debris and mud, to living assistance, such as salon activities in temporary housing, soup kitchen activities, and holding various events in meeting houses.
We started this magazine, wishing to support and encourage everyone by introducing the content of volunteer activities, the people who do the volunteer activities, as well as messages from those who have close connections with Fukushima Prefecture.
In Fukushima Prefecture, to March 11 this year, a total of over 147,000 people have been involved in volunteer activities through the prefectural disaster volunteer center and we are still receiving support in various forms. The municipal disaster volunteer center will change its name in April, but will continue its activities to support disaster victims.

From now on, in order for Fukushima Prefecture to stand up and recover, the strength of its citizens and the region, as well as the power of various volunteers and supporters are very critical. I hope we can rely on each other, help and care for each other along the way of this long recovery process.
This is the final issue of this magazine, therefore, we would like to express our thanks to all the readers of the magazine and to everyone who responded to the interviews and everyone who helped spread its message.

March 2012

Fukushima Disaster Volunteer Center
Editing cooperation: NPO Utsukushima Branch
NPO Japan Volunteer Coordinators Association(※2)

*1: Established by local residents who are involved in the arts, education, planning, editing, advertising, construction, and various other fields, to create, plan, and actualize a better “Fukushima”. Has held various entertaining town events since 2004.
*2: A national organization to support volunteer coordinator who support citizen activities and the increase of citizen awareness in social participation.