Mr. Minoru Kamata | 福島県避難者生活支援・相談センター はあとふる・ふくしま

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Mr. Minoru Kamata


Mr. Minoru Kamata
(doctor/writer living in Nagano Prefecture,)

My first involvement with Fukushima started after I received an emergency request from people who were living within 30kms from the nuclear power plants and were isolated due to the earthquake and accidents at the plants. I visited there and volunteered with a medical team consisting of doctors and nurses working for Suwa Central Hospital. Also, the Japan Chernobyl Foundation, a non-profit organization of which I am serving as chairperson, uses experience in our activities in Chernobyl to continue supporting people in Fukushima. For example, with Mr. Kunio Yanagida (famous writer) and others, we read books for children. We also visited Fukushima with Piiko (entertainer) and Masashi Sada (singer). On January 25th, we also plan to organize a lecture by Rokusuke Ei (essayist-commentator) at a music hall in Fukushima City. Of course, we do not receive any payment for above activities. After visiting Fukushima many times, I am increasingly feeling that Fukushima is my second hometown. Now I have made many good friends who now feel like they relatives to me. I will continue visiting Fukushima with my stethoscope to provide medical treatment. If you see me, please call me. I love Fukushima!