A gathering enjoying Rwandan coffee. | 福島県避難者生活支援・相談センター はあとふる・ふくしま

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A gathering enjoying Rwandan coffee.


They understand how difficult it is to live in a temporary housing facility, and hope that serving coffee cheers up the people.

▲The “Body and Soul Stretch Relax Camp 2011” hosted in Aug in Tochigi.

Kambenga Marie Louise, chairperson of “NPO Think About Education in Rwanda”, started visiting temporary housing facilities with their homemade cookies and cakes, and launched the “Let’s enjoy Rwandan coffee” parties.
“As a refugee escaping from Rwanda’s civil wars and spending time in refugee camps, I understand how difficult it is to stay in a refugee camp and the fact you cannot return home. I hope by hosting these coffee gatherings the spirits of the residents can be lifted a bit.”

Later, through these activities, they teamed up with Kio University (Nara Pref.) and started “Body and Soul Stretch Relax Camp 2011” for children in Fukushima. While expanding her activities, she continues to host the coffee parties.
The important thing is to continue for as long as possible.
Every month, the volunteers come to the temporary housing facilities and promise to come again the following month. For the people living in the temporary housing facilities, this is a huge encouragement and everyone looks forward to having something that everyone will enjoy the following month.

NPO “Think About Education in Rwanda” at 024-533-8289.
TEL: 024-533-8289