Fall’s Urabandai with Mountaineer, Junko Tabei | 福島県避難者生活支援・相談センター はあとふる・ふくしま

社会福祉法人 福島県社会福祉協議会 避難者生活支援・相談センター

Fall’s Urabandai with Mountaineer, Junko Tabei


In a time like this, it is good to be active and walk in nature!
When we allow ourselves to be saturated with nature, we realize that we are a part of nature!

Himalayan Adventure Trust (HAT-J/NPO) that is led by the mountaineer, Junko Tabei, the Okuma-City Social Welfare Council and the Daily Life Support Volunteer Center, “Tsunagappe, Okuma” hosted an event called, “Let’s walk with Junko Tabei! – Fall in Urabandai.” This event was hosted in Urabandai on a clear and sunny day.

▲Urabandai covered with many kinds of deciduous trees shows its beauty of tinted autumn leaves ▲“We will move from Fukushima Museum to Urabandai by bus. And then, we will hike from Goshikinuma entrance to Bandaikogen train station.
We will have lunch there. And we will head back to the museum and dismiss.” Everyone listening to the schedule.

“In a time like this, I wanted everyone to move their bodies and walk in nature,” said Tabei. 40 people from Okuma-City joined the event.
Although the scenery differ year by year, red, yellow and orange deciduous trees and year-round deep green conifer trees mix in the autumn Ura-Bandai in beautiful colors, this year was no exception.
When we interviewed hikers who walked about 3.7 km from the entrance of Goshikinuma to Urabandaikogen train station, they said,
“At the temporary housing, we just walk as if out of duty the same place over and over again. Today, I was able to enjoy walking through different scenery.”
“I have not walked on soil for a long time! I realized that you don’t get tired when you walk on soil! It felt so good!”
“I was able to enjoy the trickling sound of the water and enjoy the smell of fallen leaves.”
“When you walk slowly, you notice so many different things!”
Everyone answered with a smile.

▲As awakening emerald green and cobalt blue marshes appeared beyond the woods, everyone’s sigh was heard in the forest. ▲It is free for everyone. Lunch and tea were provided by the hosts.
After a one-hour walk, lunch is delicious!

“When you are completely submerged in nature, you see the cycle of life continuing from the mountains to sea and realize that I am also a part of nature. It is an opportunity to realize that I am given life, and to meditate on other things too. This is the beauty of mountain hiking,” says Tabei. In this nature walk, we were able to find abundant akebi and deep red fruits of mamushigusa, gumi, and other autumn blessings.
On the way back on the bus, people contemplated on the fun they had with great satisfaction and with great gratitude to everyone in HAT-J.