The colorful sign gives a bright atmosphere. | 福島県避難者生活支援・相談センター はあとふる・ふくしま

社会福祉法人 福島県社会福祉協議会 避難者生活支援・相談センター

The colorful sign gives a bright atmosphere.


People from Namie-cho have evacuated to the Koriekimae emergency temporary housing (300 residences) in Korimachi. Temporary housing residences all look the same, so sometimes it is hard to find your own home. So Korimachi Social Welfare Council decided to provide house signs. When Namie-cho Social Welfare Council asked for applications for the plates, 90 residences applied. The local, Korimachi Joho Junior High School volunteered to make these signs. The signs made by the junior high school students were bright and the streets brightened up with the beautiful presents.

▲“Did it turn out well?” “This is hard!”
(August 3rd, 2011 Koriekimae Emergency Temporary Housing Assembly Hall, Korimachi)